Due Diligence for Sellers (Part 2)

Seller's Due Diligence Checklist Part 1When selling your business, the biggest impact on how much money you’ll walk away with is the taxes you’ll have to pay on the proceeds of the sale. That’s why it is imperative that every decision you make throughout the process of selling your company be made with an eye toward the tax consequences. Continue reading


Due Diligence for Sellers (Part 1)

Seller's Due Diligence Checklist Part 1If your exit strategy includes selling your business, you need to be sure you protect your interests and negotiate the strongest deal possible. Doing your homework up front – your due diligence – is the best way to ensure that the sale will work for you.

Your buyer will no doubt conduct a thorough investigation of your business to make sure he or she is getting their money’s worth. In the same way, you need to dig out details about the acquiring company and the specifics of the deal they are offering. This applies whether the proceeds of the sale will be cash, deferred payments, corporate stock, or a combination. Continue reading

Leading DealMakers Discuss M&A

Leading DealMakers Discuss M&AGray, Gray & Gray hosted a DealMakers forum on March 6th, bringing together some of the leading M&A professionals in the Northeast for deal flow opportunities and a roundtable discussion.

The general consensus among those in attendance was that the M&A market remains robust for solid companies, but has cooled for companies that are not fully prepared to go to market. As a result, M&A activity has picked up again during the first quarter of the year, with multiples increasing. Continue reading

M&A 101: Due Diligence Basics (Part 1)

Due Diligence Checklist“Due diligence” is the term applied to the research and investigation that go into determining precisely what your company would be purchasing when acquiring another business. It is essential to know this information up front, as it can directly affect the purchase price and terms.

The decision on whether or not to purchase a business should be made with the head, not the heart. For this reason due diligence requires an organized and methodical approach. Continue reading