Reminder: The Next DealMakers Event is This Thursday – March 6th – in Norwood, MA!

This week’s invitation-only DealMakers event will join M&A leaders from Gray, Gray & Gray, Bank of AmericaBurns & Levinson, and Business Capital Exchange for a lively roundtable discussion about marketplace dynamics, transactional trends and the lending environment, as well as pre-sale planning and tax planning.

Would you like to be a part of the discussion? If you or someone you know is interested in attending this merger and acquisition networking event, please contact Jim DeLeo for more details and to reserve a spot now.

M&A 101: Due Diligence Basics (Part 1)

Due Diligence Checklist“Due diligence” is the term applied to the research and investigation that go into determining precisely what your company would be purchasing when acquiring another business. It is essential to know this information up front, as it can directly affect the purchase price and terms.

The decision on whether or not to purchase a business should be made with the head, not the heart. For this reason due diligence requires an organized and methodical approach. Continue reading

Buying or Merging? Beware of These Unexpected Tax Issues

BewareIn the torrent of details that accompanies a business merger or acquisition, it is easy to overlook “fringe” issues such as employee benefit plans. In many cases the principals, eager to consummate the deal, push off the unification of different benefit plans to a later time. However, this can trigger some unexpected consequences, such as drawing the attention of the IRS.

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